TRIBE – Loopz

Loopz is a music tools for band which combine the fidelity of pedals with infinite potentialities of Digital Processing. 

It allows band members to stay in sync enhancing their performances with the Loop feature and many others.

The software was fully implemented with the J.U.C.E. Framework and it is available open-source at the following link :


Meditating with Isoschronics

Meditating with Isoschronic Tones is a generative music app that respond to your brain waves in order to make the meditation experience as successful as possible.

It tracks your brain waves thanks to the MUSE EEG headband and uses Machine Learning to adapts music patterns to your brain activity. 

Harmonizer for Organelle

It is inspired by the vocal effect implemented by Messina and used by artists like Bon Iver, Chance The Rapper and Jacob Collier.

The portability of Organelle make this Harmonizer Patch, written with Puredata, an appealing tool for any music producer today.

It allows you to recreate sounds like this :